Draw all you want online on a whiteboard


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If you're looking for a simple application where you can draw as you please without any difficulties, AWW is a web platform that lets you unleash your imagination.

AWW is simply a whiteboard for drawing. That's it, without complications, multiple options, nor a complicated interface. All you have to do is grab the mouse and slide it across the whiteboard.

This web app is perfect for little kids, as it lets them draw to their hearts' content without needing a 500 page block of paper.

The platform is very intuitive. It has a color palette, all kinds of brushes, and an option for saving your drawings or sharing them on social networks, all found on the menu at the left side of the screen.

AWW is compatible with touch screen devices, meaning you can draw using your tablet or smartphone in order to make quick sketches of anything you need.

You can add the whiteboard to your website using the official site's plugin.

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